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Hey fellow Pokenerds! This is HGart12 with my first journal in this club!

Anyways, I recently recieved OmegaRuby as a gift for my birthday, and I think it's pretty fun. My generation was generation four, so I wasn't around for the original games, although I've been interested in playing them. I'm pretty glad they have a remake. It seemed a little slow at first, but once I got past that first gym battle, it went by quicker. The story, after that first ten minutes of tutorial mode, was a lot less copy and paste then other games have been.

And, may I just say OH MY GOSH IS PROFESSOR BIRCH'S CHARACTER MODEL HUGE. HE IS SO FAT. There is nothing wrong with being fat, but oh my gosh that character model. Did anyone else not help but giggle when they saw him running in circles while a Poochyena was chasing him? BECAUSE I SURE LAUGHED.

I really liked a lot of the gym leaders, especially some of their designs. I really liked Roxanne's, I think the schoolgirl look is so kawaii! Wattson also had a large character model, probably the same one as Birch's, actually. Also, heh heh Watt-son... electric type... heh heh...

I was disappointed in no Mega Rapidash... Aw, maybe next time... Did your favorite Pokemon get picked to have a much-coveted Mega Evolution? I have a friend who was pretty excited for Mega Gallade. Mega Gallade is pretty cool. I have always liked Gallade and Gardevoir, so at least some of my favorites got some fame :D

Contests are a little boring after a while, but I think the female costume is really cute-looking! Same with Cosplay Pikachu! Although, I, at least, could only use Cosplay Pikachu in the cool category, because EVERY SINGLE MOVE WAS COOL... I didn't really like the cool costume... Cute is so much cuter! I thought the Pikachu Belle costume was absolutely adorable, also.

MAY I ALSO SAY THAT soaring on Latios is amazing. At least at first. You kind of see everything after the first couple times using that flute. Did anyone else try flying out to sea, kind of hoping you could fly to another region? BECAUSE I CERTAINLY DID.

Also, have you guys heard about that thing with Phoebe at the Elite Four? I don't want to really spoil it, just when you talk to her (it has to be the first time you battle her though), keep your eye on the chair in the corner. JUST DO IT. DON'T LOOK AT PHOEBE. Then, when Phoebe talks about the strong bond between her and her Pokemon, look at your character's left shoulder. AGAIN, JUST DO IT. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, but I still thought I should now spoil it for those who don't.

Well, like I said above, OmegaRuby was pretty fun. Which game did you guys pick? And if you haven't gotten either yet, which one will you get? How did you guys like it?

Well, bye until next time!

HGart12: Are they gone yet? I didn't sound too crazy, did I?
Rapidash: Uh...
Eevee: No... You didn't sound crazy... not... at all... heh heh
HGart12: OH MY GOSH THERE IS A FREAKY SMOKY THE BEAR AD NEXT TO THIS TEXT BOX! Oh, now it's a TV ad with a pretty beach.
Floette: Yeah, not crazy at all

Rapidash, Ralts, Eevee and Floette are sorry that there trainer is really crazy and that you had to deal with her craziness.
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