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Hey Pokénerds! HGart12 here again!

Hopefully you've seen the Pokémon Sun and Moon announcement, and if you haven't, here's a link to the page on [link]…

The trailer starts off as a simple tribute to Pokémon 20, showing the startup of every canonical game since Red and Blue, minus the remakes. It shows different Pokémon trainers from around the globe catching, trading, evolving, and battling Pokémon. Its a really sweet commercial, providing nostalgia for those who have been around for a while. I wasn't really around for Generations 1-3, but it was still pretty nostalgic for me. Finally, with about 20 seconds left, we finally see Sun and Moon. We see developers' sketches, mainly of Pikachu, a few beginning sprites, and finally, the logo.

As my watchers might know, my siblings and friends had the idea for a Pokémon Sun and Moon several years ago, taking place in the Bosotto region. We were planning on sending our ideas in, but we never got around to it, so I was a little sad to see this... :( Oh well, we knew Sun and Moon versions were coming, what with all the colors, precious metals, and gem names running out. I'm honestly surprised that X and Y versions were coming out before Sun and Moon versions.

I for one, am hoping for Mega Rapidash :D There's probably also going to be Lunatone and Solrock megas, looking at the name of the upcoming games. They probably won't be the mascots, but it would still fit to give them Megas. Maybe the Johto starters will get Megas this time around, as well, since the Kantos got starters in XY. What Megas do you guys want to see? Any baby Pokémon or just regular new evolutions you want?

Also wondering about the Horsea Fountain in front of the big building. Is it part of actual gameplay? Or maybe just like the hotels in XY? Could it be a battle center, like the Battle Maison and the Battle Frontier? What do you think?

We also saw glimpses of unfinished bird Pokémon sprites. I think it looks kind of like a woodpecker, what about you? What type of bird do you think it is, or does it not even look like a bird to you?

Sun and Moon will also be able to receive Pokémon from the virtual console Red, Blue, and Yellow versions.

Finally, there's the debate on whether or not it is more gen 6 or a new gen. I think it is obviously Generation 7, I mean, just about every generation has had two sets of games, usually a new gen and its sequel followed by a remake. Do you guys agree with me, or are you still hoping for more generation six? If you're for 6, I want to hear some compelling arguments for your case! But no fighting in the comments!

That's all for now! Until next time, keep training!

HGart12: *Silence as she works on a time machine to bring her to the release date of Sun and Moon
Gardevoir: Don't worry, just have patience! Go play OmegaRuby again, you haven't played it in a while, and you haven't even done everything you can in it. Don't forget about that Zangoose you're trying to shiny breed...
Floette: She's been playing Majora's Mask.
HGart12: *Time machine won't work, decides to go to Japan and MAKE those programmers hurry up
Eevee: No! That's not nice at all!
Rapidash: Well, you don't sound as crazy as last time...
HGart12: *can't get the money to fly to Japan
HGart12: Well, at least we'll all be suffering with the wait together! *hugs her awesome Pokémon
Rapidash: You better not make a comment about the adver-
HGart12: Why is the 'truck of the year' being advertised to me of all things? I DON'T CARE ABOUT NO TRUCKS!
Rapidash: -tisements. Wow. Now you are crazier than last time.

Gardevoir, Rapidash, Eevee, and Floette apologize on behalf of their crazy trainer again.
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